Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone Review

Hello parents and grandparents!  Welcome to my Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone review; my #5 pick of the 5 top rated drones featured, and one that would make a very nice birthday gift for boys which I'm sure your son or grandson would be ecstatic to receive.


Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone 1080p FHD 110 degree FOV camera


If you have never visited my site, then you should know that I have a son; and for all of you parents and grandparents out there who are continuously challenged as I am, we do what we can to accommodate for our sons and grandsons development and enjoyment.  You should also know that I never review a product that I would not purchase myself on behalf of my son.  I have read the reviews from customers who have used this product so that I may better help you to make the right decision.

This drone is to say the least – way cool!   It has so many nice features that makes it exciting to fly and extremely convenient for beginners to handle.  Let’s check out its capabilities…


Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone


Some of the features:

  • The Simple Control is activated by pressing one key which will allow the drone to continually fly at a stable altitude so you can concentrate more on other things such as getting that great photo/ video shot.
  • The GPS Follow Me mode, once set will let your son or grandson fly hands-free while the drone follows them, keeping them in the camera frame the whole time, so they can take photos or videos which can be edited and posted to social media if so desired.  This is just the beginning, there is more…


    Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone follow me mode


      Quick Overview

      The Good: Great range

      The Bad: Pricey

      My overall take: This drone is a step up as it has so much to offer your son or grandson with regards to all its features which really makes it really easy for beginners get flying quickly with confidence; ultimately maximizing their excitement and experience


      Let’s get started and see what comes in the box:

      • 1 ea. Drone (with Manual)
      • 1 ea. Transmitter (with Phone Holder)
      • 1 ea. Camera (with TF Card inside)
      • 1 ea. Drone Battery (with Charge Transfer Box /Balance Charger /USB Charging Cables )
      • 1 ea. Battery Charging Bag
      • 8 ea. Propellers (with Propellers Spanner)
      • 2 ea. Landing Gear
      • 1 ea. Screwdriver


      General Information:

      Size: 15.2 x 15.2 x 6.1 inches (with protection guards - which are NOT INCLUDED)

      Size: 8.6 x 8.6 x 6.1 inches (without protection guards)

      Weight: 3.5 lbs.

      Flight Time: about 16-20 minutes

      Charging Time: about 5-7 hours

      Camera: 1920*1080p

      Live Video Transmission Range: 1300 feet

      Max Control Range: about 3280 feet

      Battery Capacity: 2800 mAh

      Motor: 2204 1500KV Brushless Motor


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      Other Features:

      • The Auto Return feature is way too cool because it will automatically return the drone home when it loses power, goes too far out of range, or losses connection; this feature will give your son or grandson confidence because no one wants to lose their drone and have to go looking for it.
      • The Custom Flight Path feature will let your son or grandson draw the route on the app screen that they would like the drone to follow, and the drone will go in that direction or in a circular direction around them while sending real-time landscape shots back.


        Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone custom flight path


        • The 5G FHD 1080p Camera Live Video Transmission uses a  110° FOV (field of view) lens so your son or grandson will be able to get good quality panoramic videos; as the 5G 1300 feet transmission range will give them a lot of room to roam.  This is also compatible with GoPro Hero 2/3/4 too!
        • With a high-capacity 2800mAh “intelligent” battery, your son or grandson will be able to fly up to 20mins of flight time; so they can totally get caught up in the moment because they’ll know when the battery starts to get low – they will be alerted automatically, nice feature…


          Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone up to 20 minutes of flight time


          • The 1500KV long-lasting brushless motors provides a lot of power in addition to a quiet flight; and knowing that these motors rarely fail will boost your confidence level.


            Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone brushless motor, long lasting


            • If the propellers require replacement, no problem; because there are no screws, so you can easily remove and replace them (Quick-Release).


              The Good:

              This drone has a lot of good features for beginners to include a control range of 3280 feet (the farthest you can fly the drone); and has a wifi range of 1300 feet (the farthest you can get 5G FHD 1080p Camera Live Video Transmission); this drone can do some serious exploring!  Also, this drone has very nice features to include the GPS Follow Me mode and 5G FHD 1080p Camera Live Video Transmission with the 110° FOV (field of view) lens for nice panoramic shots.  As always with Amazon shipping the product, you can expect delivery to arrive on time or sooner than expected.  Finally, Holy Stones exceptional customer service lets you purchase with confidence, knowing that they are there for you.


              The Bad:

              This drone is a bit pricey as far as the price goes but you get what you pay for; a really nice intermediate drone.  This drone does not allow you adjust the camera while flying, it needs to be preset before takeoff.  Finally, this drone does require FAA registration.


              Things to know / Tips:

              • This drone doesn’t have protective propeller guards, and there is no beginner mode, so it’s easy to fly it very high and far right out of the box.  I would recommend starting out in a wide open area if you are a beginner, until you are comfortable.
              • Make sure you use the explosion-proof bag while charging the Lipo.
              • Please fly this drone in a wide open area with GPS coverage!


              Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone


              • This drone comes with a 1040p camera and mini SD chip
              • CAUTION: The transmitter (remote controller) is placed underneath the packaging, so use caution not to damage it when removing it from the box!
              • The HS170G can be only used with a 5G smart phone with either operating system - IOS 8.0 and above, or Android 4.3.0 and above.
              • The remote controller does not come equipped with a video screen, only a place holder to attach your smart phone (“Ophelia GPS” app); and although a smart phone is not needed to fly this drone, it would allow your son or grandson to take advantage of some of those really cool features.
              • Keep in mind, after you power the drone up by inserting the battery; next, pair it to the transmitter (remote controller); then, you need to calibrate the drone; finally, you will be ready to fly!
              • Since charging the battery takes hours, you may want to invest in an extra battery, or two to extend your flying experience.
              • The manufacturers recommended age for this drone is 14+. 
              • Always make it a point to check with the local laws as there may be certain restrictions that apply to flying drones.
              • Drones requiring FAA registration can be done online for $5 and a few minutes of your time (https://faadronezone.faa.gov/#/).
              • FAA registration is good for 3 years
              • If you need help with operating, maintenance, technical support, or even help with problems, please call: (US) 626-465-7134 (PST 4:30pm-2:00am).


              The Good:

              • Great range
              • Very Nice features
              • Arrives on time or sooner
              • Phenomenal customer service


                Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone faster transmission and longer range


                The Bad:

                • Pricey
                • Camera not adjustable in flight
                • FAA registration required


                My Overall Take:

                This drone is a step up as it performs very well and has a lot to offer your son or grandson with regards to its features which includes a longer flight time, auto return, follow me mode, and 1080p Camera Live Video; which is why this is on my list of top rated drones.  Let me reiterate that this drone makes it easy for beginners to get flying quickly with confidence, and maximize their overall experience.

                Please, make it a point to look at the all the reviews on Amazon for yourself so you can see what these customers are saying, and I'm sure you will be impressed as well.



                Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Holy Stone HS700 FPV Drone review and I look forward to helping you out again and again in the future.