Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys Review

Hi parents and grandparents!  Welcome to Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys Review; a great resource guide for boys that features life skills for boys that will teach will show your son(s) or grandson(s) how to get things done!  

If you have never visited my site, then you should know that I have a son; and for all of you parents and grandparents out there who are continuously challenged as I am, we do what we can to accommodate for our sons and grandsons development and enjoyment.  You should also know that I never review a product that I would not purchase myself on behalf of my son.  I have read the reviews from customers who have read this book so that I may better help you to make the right decision.

A nice reference guide designed to capture your sons or grandsons attention – and keep it, as it educates, teaches, and helps to comfort them through puberty.

Quick Overview:

  • The Good: Helps moms and dads as a reference guide
  • The Bad: Avoid the Kindle version – the words are too small

My Overall Take: Many parents and grandparents like the content this book provides, the way it is presented, and the overall appeal it has to younger readers; therefore they recommend it as one of the good books for raising boys – a definite must have!  A book that encourages boys to talk with those elders they trust and to ask questions is a definite plus as well.

The Good:

Many parents and grandparents agree that this is a great book for boys to read because it addresses many things that our boys deal with as they approach, and go through puberty, and does so in a direct manner using a humorous tone, color, and lots of illustrations which appeals to the reader. This reference guide is a nice assistant for you moms, and dads who perhaps never experienced the father-son talks as a boy; as it will guide and help you both through those unfamiliar and uncomfortable moments which you know are coming.  This books’ focus is mainly directed on hygiene, but also talks about the body, emotions, fitness, nutrition, and puberty in a way that catches a boys’ attention and makes him take notice, which can be a monumental challenge as we well know… But more importantly, it helps are son(s) or grandson(s) to understand changes in their body that are new to them, potentially embarrassing, and extremely sensitive, by making it a comfortable experience; one much easier for them to cope with. This book does not discuss sexuality or sex in any manner, so do not worry… Finally, a book that inspires our boys to ask questions, and to talk with people they trust is a definite winner in my book!

The Bad:

DO NOT get the Kindle version of this book as it has frustrated parents due to the fact that the fonts are very small and too hard to see, and if you try zooming in, the words get cut-off!

Some of the things you can expect to find in this book:

  1. Taking care of your body
  2. Changes you see in your body
  3. Male anatomy
  4. Erections
  5. Which shampoo to use after swimming in pools
  6. How to shave
  7. Hair growth
  8. Body odor
  9. Brushing teeth
  10. Mood changes
  11. Circumcision
  12. Feelings
  13. Emotional changes
  14. Change your underwear daily
  15. Social changes/challenges
  16. Penis growth through puberty
  17. Wet dreams
  18. Pubic hair

The Good:

  • Recommended by parents and grandparents
  • Helps moms and dads as a reference guide
  • Helps our son(s) and grandson(s) through puberty
  • No sexual content
  • Inspires communication

The Bad:

  • Avoid the Kindle version – the words are too small


My Overall Take:

Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys is one of my top guides on my list of good books for raising boys because it explains many concerns that parents have when boys reach this critical stage in their physical and mental development, and does so in a way that removes the embarrassment while making everyone comfortable; as it sets our son(s) or grandson(s) on a path of awareness and responsibility.

Go and check out Amazon for yourself to see all the wonderful things that parents and grandparents are saying about this book for boys.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys Review and I look forward to helping you out again and again in the future.