5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything!) 2 (National Geographic Kids) Review

Hello parents and grandparents!  Welcome to 5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything!) 2 (National Geographic Kids) Review; one of my fact books for boys loaded with facts for boys, and another that qualifies as one of my good books for raising boys.

If you have never visited my site, then you should know that I have a son; and for all of you parents and grandparents out there who are continuously challenged as I am, we do what we can to accommodate for our son's or grandson's development and enjoyment.  You should also know that I never review a product that I would not purchase myself on behalf of my son.  I have read the reviews from customers who have read this book so that I may better help you to make the right decision.

Knowledge is power! This great informational book is the second of three in this series that is stuffed with colorful images, fun facts; and all a quick easy read for your son(s) or grandson(s).

Quick Overview:

  • The Good: Awesome Book!
  • The Bad: Overwhelming facts

My Overall Take: Finding good books for raising boys typically requires a lot of research for us parents and grandparents in order to make sure we get it right. The really nice about this book is that it is colorfully eye-catching, simplistic, and packed with a lot of stuff that sparks a boy’s curiosity – that was easy!

The Good:

This book is packed with lots and lots of information about a wide variety of subjects broken down into many short topics that will appeal to your son(s) or grandson(s) short attention span, filling a gap of 5 minutes or two hours…  Also, many parents, grandparents and boys alike love this book for various reasons and have so many nice things to say about it, that it cannot be denied!

The Bad:

I must say that it was difficult to find any really negative comments about this book, a person did receive a book where the pages were printed upside down – OOPS!  Also, a few people did mention that this book presented a lot of facts/information – perhaps too much to the point of it being overwhelming – you need to be the judge!

Things to Know:

This book is packed full of many fun facts on each page but does not explain things using in-depth details, and you may find as many as 20 facts on a page to these and other subjects as well:

  1. Amusement Parks
  2. Ancient Egypt
  3. Desert
  4. Famous Criminals
  5. Famous Landmarks
  6. Marsupials
  7. Pirates
  8. Underwear

The Good:

  • Great fact book
  • Loved by all

The Bad:

  • Upside down pages
  • Overwhelming facts


My Overall Take:

Let me reiterate that finding good books for raising boys generally requires a lot of effort, but this book 5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything!) 2 (National Geographic Kids) makes it very easy to decide as is colorfully eye-catching with a simple layout that is stuffed with a lot of good stuff to ignite a boy’s curiosity.

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Thank you o much for taking the time to read 5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything!) 2 (National Geographic Kids) Review and I look forward to helping you out again and again in the future.