Good Books for Raising Boys

Welcome parents and grandparents to Good Books for Raising Boys, which focuses on ages 8-13±, a topic that I’m sure we all put a lot of effort into. I have put together a nicely rounded collection covering select areas that I’m sure we would all agree are important to our son’s or grandson’s development: Facts, Funny, Middle School Study Guides, and Life Skills. Also, these are all “peer approved,” as many parents and grandparents alike have personally seen the results of these books on their boys first hand; and who would know better?  I personally feel that these four topics provide important elements that when combined with one another will help our son(s) or grandson(s) immensely as they expand their horizons and grow into teenagers.  I just wanted to add that you parents and grandparents who are her now taking the time to do what is necessary for your son(s) or grandson(s) says it all – hurrah to you! This confirms what studies show – boys who have parents that are active participants in their son’s schooling have a greater advantage of doing well academically.

FYI - more will be added to these collections, and coming soon - Adventure Books!

So let’s get started!


Funny Books:

Laughter makes our immune systems stronger by reducing stress hormones and building up immune cells and infection-battling antibodies.  Additionally, it is our body’s natural defense system against anger, anxiety, irritation, and depression, by naturally releasing endorphins which essentially make the body feel good.   Finally, Laughter promotes good sleep, and is an overall important element that I personally want in my son’s corner, and hence my devotion to the category of humor and funny books for boys. 

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Fact Books:

What boy doesn’t have an inquisitive curious side that is looking for new and different things, regardless of what us parents and grandparents seem think about some of the topics; so by presenting them with resource guides loaded with a large array of subjects with fun facts, and presented in a way that is proven to be effective, our son(s) or grandson(s) will have what they need to grow into the individually they will become.  First of all, I believe that because these books only present the facts without detailed explanation is a good thing for one because it keeps it simple.  Secondly and most importantly, because once our son(s) or grandson(s) touch on a subject that is of interest to, it will spark their enthusiasm and encourage them to ask questions; which is something I consider this to be a very significant element in their development.

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Life Skills:

Learning life skills is something that all boys should be subjected too throughout their boyhood years as it is another valuable element in the development of our son(s) or grandson(s).  The concept of learning practical skills accomplishes many things as it teaches our boys the importance of “training themselves” to perform general tasks that they will need to know as they grow such as cleaning their room, teeth, bodies, etc., and this is only the beginning because this list will continue to grow as they grow.  Also, this is a concept that you would definitely like to see become habitual.  By doing this regularly, our boys will be learning and completing necessary tasks relevant to these critical years that are vital to them getting through their daily routine.  Also, the better they become at it, the less assistance they will require form us which serves to lighten our load, a plus for us parents and grandparents; and secondly, it broadens their overall abilities and prepares them for a lifetime of learning so they will succeed well into their adult years.   All these books have an entertainment value as well, some more than others, to see them all… 

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Middle School Study Guides:

Having a resource guide handy when our son(s) or grandson(s) enter middle school is something that should seriously be thought about, and maybe even considered essential. I’m sure many of us have experienced trying to go back to school when our boys start asking us questions about things from a distant past - yeah sure, we can remember some of the stuff, but let’s face it, even we need help and sometimes more often than not!  These middle school study guides cover these five specific topics:

  1. American History
  2. English Language Arts
  3. Math
  4. Science
  5. World History

These resource guides should be used in addition to other school materials; and when combined, will provide our son(s) or grandson(s) with the best chance to get through these classes with the least resistance.

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In conclusion I would just like to personally thank you for taking the time to visit Good Books for Raising Boys, and I hope that your visit here has added value to your search.