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Good Books for Raising Boys

Welcome parents and grandparents to Good Books for Raising Boys, which focuses on ages 8-13±, a topic that I’m sure we all put a lot of effort into. I have put together a nicely rounded collection covering select areas that I’m sure we would all agree are important to our son’s or grandson’s development: Facts, Funny, Middle School Study Guides, and Life Skills. Also, these are all “peer approved,” as many parents and grandparents alike have personally seen the results of these books on their boys first hand; and who would know better?  I personally feel that these four topics provide important elements that when combined with one another will help our son(s) or grandson(s) immensely as they expand their...

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Requirements for a good gaming PC

Welcome parents and grandparents!  If you have met the requirements for a good gaming PC, that means your sons or grandsons overall experience will be rewarding and exciting. However, a computer is only as strong as its weakest link, so when you are looking for a new PC gaming console, do your research and make sure that it has the best quality and compatible components that your budget can afford.  To get the best gaming experience at 1080p, let's get started... Case Unless you have decided to get a mid-tower because of space constraints or for aesthetic reasons, a full-tower would be the better way to go because they are easy to upgrade and can support hardware that mid-towers cannot.  Also,...

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